Pyhäniemi Manor is one of Finland´s most precious, cultorohistorical treasures. Visitors will experience the distinguishes atmosphere of an Empire-style manor, built in 1780. In the summertime Pyhäniemi hosts fine art exhibition, summer theatre and concerts. Manor´s facilities are suitable also for high-class parties and small groups meetings. 

Pyhäniemi manor is located in Hollola, near Lahti city. Manor is the jewel of the area, while other popular attractions near: Saint Mary´s church; the third larges medieval church in Finland, Messilä Ski Resort, Camping Messilä and Kinnari Farm. 


Tel. +358 44 9767418

Address: Rantatie 708, 16730 Hollola

Opening hours: Off season we are open only for groups and private events.


The village of Pyhäniemi is mentioned for the first time in historical sources in 1467. In the 1780 Gustav 3rd, the King of Sweden constructs a new main building to his major general Carl Johan Schmiedefelt. After Schmiedefelt die Ammond`s family owned major approximately one hundred years. In the end of 19th century Carl Johan Collin bought the mansion for his son Carl Oscar Collin. The end of 19th century was the heyday of the manor, it lands were 10 000 hectares, there was 250 cows, big greenhouses, sawmill and a wheelworks. In 1912 Oscar Collin lost the Pyhäniemi manor in a gamble to the Dutchman Hendrik Max Gilse van der Pals in Monte Carlo Casino. Van der Pals owned mansion 8 years and sold it to agronomist Paavo Pätiälä. 

In the 1930s Pyhäniemi was a location for many Finnish films and it was called as a Hollywood in Hollola. During the winter war Pyhäniemi was used as the base of Finland Air Force operating from the lake nearby. 

The last few decades have brought the manor to the knowledge of the general public as an arts venue prudent art exhibitions, summer theater, concerts and high-end events.